New Church Site

Welcome to the new website of Berean Memorial Church.

Check my blog (this very site) for news about Berean Church, Berean Christian Academy and Berean Youth Clubs.

Berean Youth Clubs:  We adult leaders are about to recuperate from Summer Camp.  The campers have bounced back weeks ago.  Task Force has been in full operation daily;  storing camp supplies, mowing lawns, edging, weed-eating and generally sweating it out daily.  We are thankful for these young men!  We had a great time at the Church Picnic last week.  One of the reasons for the picnic was to have an opportunity to honor these hard workers.  I understand that Mr. Gitchel & Mr. Nicholas are planning another special outing for these boys before school begins.

Berean Christian Academy:  We are preparing for the beginning of school on September 4, the day after Labor Day.  Scholarships through the Foundation for Christian Education and loans through the SallieMae Corporation are available.  If you know anyone who would like for their children to enjoy the benefits of small classes, dedicated teachers, a solid academic curricculum including fine art, computer and music all based on biblical core truth-along with daily Bible classes, please refer them to me at 972 438 1440.

 Berean Memorial Church:  I am really pleased by the interest Bereans have shown and the questions asked about Yoga.  So few Christians realize that Yoga is a part of the Hindu religious system and is in direct opposition to Christianity.  I will be posting some resources for furthur study in the near future.

Christians really need to exercise discernment these days since there are so many deceptive philosophies both within and outside the church.  This coming Sunday (August 12), we will finish our series on the Greatest Commandment and then take a look at some current trends which believers who want to maintain sound-doctrine orientation would do well to avoid (i.e., comtemplative prayer, the purpose-driven phlosophy, etc).

Thanks to all you faithful Bereans for your prayer support and encouragement.  Be in prayer for all those traveling during the summer and for all our needs.

Remember Chaplain Jim Duncan especially as he begins the bicycle riding marathon on behalf of the Canadian Bible Society.  Bereans are praying for you, Jim!