What’s Wrong with Halloween Part VII

On this Halloween day, we finish the examination from Dr. Russel Tardo’s publication “What’s Wrong with Halloween”. Regarding why Christians should not be involved in its celebration, Dr. Tardo concludes,

What Should Our Position Be?

Clearly,we should have nothing to do with the Halloween celebration whatsoever. If Christians assemble on Halloween, it should be to worship, sing, praise, pray, intercede, wage Spiritual warfare and pull down demonic strongholds. Under no circumstances should we compromise with this celebration or attempt to imitate the world in any manner. It should not be observed as any kind of a festival or ‘party’, but rather as a time to wage holy warfare and be separate from the world.

The Christian should not fear Halloween or any of the powers of darkness, for we have authority over them (Mark 16:15; Luke 10:19), and ‘God has not given us the spirit of fear…” (2 Tim 1:7). But at the same time, “We are not ignorant of Satan’s devices.” (2 Cor. 2:11)

Some may call me ‘legalistic’ for doing so, but I have forsaken this pagan celebration altogether. Perhaps it’s time you considered doing the same?

“For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord; walk as children of light.” (Eph. 5:8)

What’s Wrong with Halloween Part VI

Continuing the excerpts from Dr. Russel Tardo’s publication “What’s Wrong with Halloween” and why Christians should not participate, Dr. Tardo makes his 5th point,

5. It is Disobedience to God!

God repeatedly forbids his Children’s participation in such demonic activities, as the following passages attest:

Deut. 18:9-14; Ex. 7:11-12; 22:18; Lev. 19:26,31; 20:2,27; 1 Chron. 10:13-14; 2Kings 21:5-6; Isa 2:6; Jer 27:9-10, Zech. 10:2; Mal. 3:5; Acts 2:9f; 16:16f; 19;19, Gal. 5:16-21; 2Tim. 3:8, Rev. 21:8, 22:15.

A careful examination of these Scriptures reveals God’s unreserved condemnation of all who participate in any occult activity.

What’s wrong with Halloween? Everything about it is wrong! It does not have even one single redeeming virtue. It is a demon inspired, devil glorifying occult festival! Those who love the Lord Jesus Christ should have nothing to do with it! Jer. 10:2-3; Deut. 18:9 (NASV); Rom 13:12; Eph. 5:11; 1 Thess. 5:5; 2 Cor. 6:14-17.

What’s Wrong with Halloween Part V

Continuing from Dr. Russel Tardo’s “What’s Wrong with Halloween,” Dr. Tardo makes his fourth point,

4. It is the Appearance of Evil

The Bible says, “Abstain from all appearance of evil.” (1 Thes. 5:22).

Who can deny that virtually all the symbols of Halloween are evil? Witches, monsters, ogres, vampires, ghosts, ghouls, goblins, devils and demons all portray evil! On the other hand, Christians are called to be ‘followers (Greek: imitators) of God’ (Eph. 5:1), and ‘lights’ to a sin darkened world. How can we justify our masquerading as creatures of darkness in the light of the Scriptures? And if our houses and churches are dedicated to God and are to glorify Christ, how do we justify decorating them with demonic and occult symbols?

Virtually all of the common Halloween decorations represent something Demonic or Occult. For instance:

The “Jack-o-lantern” is the ancient symbol of a damned soul.

The “black cat” has long been associated with Witchcraft and numerous superstitions are still connected to it.

Witches and Witchcraft are a dominant theme of the holiday, but are an abomination to God (Exodus 22:18, Deut. 18:8-14, Leviticus 18:24-30).

Even the “trick-or-treat” is a threat! It’s nothing less than an extortion! “You either give me a treat or I’ll play a trick on you.”

What’s Wrong with Halloween Part IV

Continuing from Dr. Russel Tardo’s ‘What’s Wrong with Halloween’ and why Christians should not participate, Dr. Tardo makes his third point,

3. Halloween treats Occultism as ‘Harmless’

When Christians participate in Halloween, it sends a message to children that Witchcraft, Demonism, Satanism, and the Occult is something fun, entertaining, and harmless. It gives the false impression that what is actually lethal is innocuous! It’s the spiritual equivalent of painting a loaded gun to look like a toy and giving it to a child to play with!

On another recent 700 Club testimony, one man said that it was Halloween night as a boy that he had a profound psychic experience that led him on an Occult odyssey that kept him bound and oppressed for dozens of years! Halloween participation led him into deeper forms of occultism, until he was swallowed by it.

Christians, we betray others and deceive ourselves if we consider this celebration a harmless or innocent one. It is more deadly than a rattlesnake, and God says such things are an abomination (cf. Deut. 18:9-12, Lev. 18:24-30).

What’s Wrong with Halloween Part III

Continuing the excerpts from Dr. Russell Tardo’s publication ‘What’s Wrong with Halloween’ and why Christians should not participate, Dr. Tardo’s second point is,

2. Halloween glorifies Satan.

When America and the world celebrates the powers of darkness by masquerading as evil creatures or decorating our homes, schools, businesses and churches with occult symbols, Satanic power is glorified. While you may have participated ‘all in fun,’ be assured, Halloween is serious business for Satanists and Witches.

Anyone familiar with witchcraft would tell you that there are certain rituals and spells that can only be cast on Halloween night. That is the night when the ‘veil’ believed to separate the living from the dead is thought to be the thinnest, and futures are easier and more accurately foretold by diviners.

Those who oppose Christ and known to organize on Halloween to observe Satanic rituals, to cast spells, to oppose churches and families, to perform sacreligious acts, and to even offer blood sacrifices to Satan. Last year, Newscasters in numerous cities warned their viewers to guard their animals on Halloween night. Dogs and cats are thought to be the most often sacrificed animals on Halloween and many SPCA centers will not allow black cats to be adopted until after Halloween. In rural communities, it is not uncommon for farmers to awake to find the mutilated remains of their farm animals that were ritualistically slaughtered in Satanic sacrifices.

The practices that accompany such sacrificial rites are almost too revolting to believe – the drinking of animal (or human) blood and urine, the digestion of entrails and organs, orgiastic rituals, substance abuse, and something becoming frighteningly more common across the US – human sacrifice. The 700 Club interviewed several people last Halloween (several of which were teenagers) who actually participated in or witnessed human sacrifices while involved in Satanism. No one scoffs at such stories anymore, as police departments around the country have had to scurry to develop a whole new field of investigation dealing with the gruesome reality of Satanic sacrifices.

Isn’t it sad that while Satanists, Witches, Occultists, and Police are taking Halloween very seriously, many in the church protest our ‘spoiling all of the fun for the children,’ by urging Christians not to participate in it?

What’s Wrong with Halloween Part II

Continuing the reprint of Dr. Russell Tardo’s publication ‘What’s Wrong with Halloween’, the first of his five points is,

1. The Halloween celebration is thoroughly rooted in Paganism and the Occult.

History traces it back to the ancient religion of the Druids, a religion so evil that Rome forbad its practice. The American People’s Encyclopedia explains: ‘The origin of Halloween customs antedate Christianity. The Druids, members of pagan orders in Britain, Ireland and Gaul, held a celebration on October 31, the eve of the festival of Samhain. It was a night of ghosts and fairies, in which bonfires were built and futures were foretold and witches rode through the sky.”

Superstitions linking cats with reincarnation made them special objects of notice on Halloween. Unquestionably, the holiday had its origin with the pagan Druids, only they called it the ‘Festival of Samhain-the lord of the dead.’ Samhain was nothing more or less than a demon (a demon spirit of death at that, or perhaps he may have been Satan himself) who was given special homage on Halloween. This is where the emphasis on death comes from on that night. Death symbols such as coffins, tombstones, skeletons, skulls and crossbones, ghosts, mummies and graveyards are common Halloween decorations.

Numerous legends surrounded the holiday, but two significant things supposedly occurred on that night:

First, it was believed that the dead would rise out of their graves and wander the countryside trying to return to the homes where they formerly lived. Frightened villagers tried to appease these wandering spirits by offering them gifts of fruits and nuts. If not placated, the villagers feared that the spirits would kill their flocks or destroy their property. This is the origin of our present-day trick-or-treat! It’s a custom born ot of superstition, and pagan superstition at that!

Furthermore, it is a blasphemous perversion of the Christian belief in the resurrection. In Christianity, the righteous dead are resurrected in a glorified, immortal body. In Druidism, the dead are raised as horrifying creatures of the night, hideous monsters, decaying skeletons, vampires, etc. They received not glorified bodies, but grotesque ones; not immortal bodies, but inhuman ones.

Seconds, Samhain was the supreme night of Demonic jubilation. This was a celebration of the beginning of Winter and darkness, as daylight grew noticeably shorter, and nights lengthier. The hoards of hell would roam the earth in a wild celebration of darkness and death, all in honor of Samhain! Pity the poor mortal forced to travel on such a night! The only thing the superstitious people knew to do to protect themselves on such an occasion was to masquerade as one off the demonic hoard, and hopefully blend in unnoticed among them! This is the origin of Halloween masquerading as devils, imps, ogres, and other demonic creatures.

The question is, should Christians adopts such practices? Can we borrow the pagan customs and superstitions of ancient peoples and ‘Christianize’ them? The Bible is not silent on the subject:

“Learn not the way of the heathen … for the customs of the people are vain.” (Jeremiah 10:2-3)

“When thou are come into the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations” (Deut. 18:9)

Ephesians 5:11 declares,

“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.”

What’s Wrong With Halloween Part I

As we approach yet another Halloween (formerly Hallow’s Eve) in this post-Christian culture, I thought it would be instructive to reproduce an excellent article titled “What’s Wrong with Halloween” by Dr. Russel K Tardo (Faithful Word Publications). Here is the first part,

“Halloween has long become an issue among Christians. Long considered harmless fun, many are now questioning its history, nature, influence, and fruit. The revitalization of Satanism and Witchcraft and their obvious association with Halloween has caused Christians to wonder whether they should participate in it at all. There is no denying the bizarre and occultic nature of Halloween decorum (certainly witches, devils, ghouls, monsters, vampires, and ghosts are not Christian in character!). But in spite of that, some Christians defend their participation in the holiday asserting their ‘liberty’ in Christ from the bondages of ‘legalism’, or shrugging it off as innocent fun. Many churches see the whole thing as evil and will have nothing to do with the celebration whatsoever. Others see no harm in it and participate fully, with costume parties, Halloween decorations and trick-or-treat. Still others try to find a middle-of-the-road approach, allowing trick-or-treat and masquerades, but as Bible characters instead of demonic and occult figures.

What’s wrong with Halloween? And, what should be the attitude of the conscientious Christian towards it? Is it harmless, or is it sinister? The facts we present below should help you to answer that question once and for all.”

Dr. Tardo goes on to provide five points which will be reprinted in subsequent posts, leading up to the end of October.

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