Pastor Adkins on the new lawnmower

Pastor Adkins on the new lawnmower

We recently took delivery of the new lawnmower for the Berean campus. We own the mower outright with no financing or related costs. Initial tests of the mower are very positive and it appears to be an absolutely perfect fit for the campus.

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Garage Sale Results Not Final

Thanks to everyone who helped and/or donated items for the BCA Garage Sale.  This was a great fundraising effort for Berean Christian Academy as well as outreach to the community.  As with any garage sale, there are promises of follow-on purchases later in the week and some items we intend to sell through either craigslist or eBay.  We will post the final results when available.

Thanks again.

Property Taxes Paid

We are thankful that the Berean Church property taxes have been paid without incurring penalties or finance charges. Our general fund, however, is in need of donations in order to pay upcoming bills. Please pray for continued support of this ministry.