Missionary Update

This previous Sunday, 5-24, we were pleased to receive an update from Russ Clowdus, who is a missionary supported by Berean Memorial Church. Mr. Clowdus has been in Austria since 1988, a country that is steeped in Roman Catholic traditions. His many activities include ministering to a growing influx of refugees from various conflicts throughout the world. Many of these refugees are seeking new lives in Europe.

You may contact Mr. Clowdus for more information on his missionary activities at rclowdus[at]serve-intl.com.

BCA Butterfly Celebration and Education Fair

The annual BCA Butterfly Fair will be held from noon to 6PM on Friday, May 15 and 10AM to 4PM on Saturday, May 16.  The fair will exhibit beautiful butterflies and exotic bugs from around the world.  Free gardening info. sheets and seed packets are available.  Free lemonade and cookies will be provided.  Admission is free, so please attend and pass the word along.

Contact the Academy office at 972.438-1440 for more information and to make arrangements for groups of ten or more.