Church Christmas Program

Please join us at Dallas Baptist University for the Joyous Sounds of Christmas Program on Friday, Dec. 3.  A modest fee is required.  Please contact the church office for a ticket and let us know if you would like to travel from the church as part of a group.

We are enjoying the DBU presentation this year in lieu of a formal Berean Church Christmas program.

Dasharound Results

Preliminary results of the annual Dasharound are now available.  Total amount pledged currently stands at $5,072.  A total of 1,214 laps were run with Gary Googe (5th) logging the most laps at a total of 108.  Faith and Clarice Flores each had the most sponsors (13).  1st and 2nd graders completed a total of 168 laps while grades 3-6 logged a total of 867 laps.  The remainder were completed by adults running along with the students.

Thanks to all who made this another successful year for the Berean Academy Dasharound.

Church Work Day

Today is our campus work day at Berean.  The project will be to distribute the fiber wood chips in the playground area to meet safety requirements by the state.  Work will begin at 7 a.m.  Extra garden rakes and wheelbarrows are needed.  Expertise is not essential, just willing hands.

This project is not suitable for children.  There will be moving machinery and no adult supervision available!