Academy Garage Sale

The annual Berean Academy garage sale is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 12, starting at 7AM in the gym.  Please contact the church office if you have time to volunteer on Thurs., Fri., or Sat.  We need help setting up and pricing items on Thurs./Fri. in addition to staffing the sale on Saturday.

Please contact Mr. Gitchell if you have items to donate for the sale.  Thank you.

501 C-3 and Good News

From Pastor Adkins,

“In case you have not heard yet, our application has been approved and now all ministries under the umbrella of Berean Memorial Church are now considered 501 C-3 organizations.  This means that foundations, whose practice is to give large sums of money, can now consider giving grants to Berean Christian Academy. We were originally suspicious of applying for 501C-3 status for the church and had applied only for the academy.  After discussions with IRS personnel and our legal counsel, the Executive Committee and I concurred that it would be advantageous to request the status for the church and thereby any ministry of the church will be included.  Of course if government intervention should ever become a problem we will opt out.

Please pray for divine viewpoint wisdom and clear guidance in requesting financial grants.  Many Christian foundations exist simply for the purpose of giving money to worthy (and 501 C-3) organizations.  This new tax status could very well be an open door for great improvements for Berean Christian Academy.

The other item of good news which I have been pleased to bear is that we have received generous gifts to pay our property taxes in full, to set aside funds for the Recorded Media Ministry’s new computer and to bring all outstanding bills to a current paid status.”