Special Music Presentation

We were privileged to hear the Durling sisters perform at the morning service.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to articulate the stunning performance of these talented women.  It simply must be heard to appreciate.  Perhaps we will be fortunate enough to hear them again in the future.

This morning’s service also featured the conclusion of Mr. Adams’ 2-part series on Haggai. Sometimes, great truth can be obtained from a seemingly small section of scripture. The big questions to ask ourselves after hearing Mr. Adam’s teaching are is God actually working against us or what blessings are being denied us because we put our own welfare and affairs ahead of His?

Guest Speaker

Berean Church just ended its summer ministries with an enriching Vacation Bible School in which approximately 30 children were influenced for eternity.  Now, it’s time for some well-earned vacations!

Since Pastor Adkins is on vacation, we thank Christopher Adams for beginning his two-week series on the book of Haggai this morning.  Mr. Adams has taught at Berean before and we are grateful for his filling in during Pastor Adkins’ time off.