Academy Work Day

This is a late announcement, but there will be a work day at the Academy this afternoon starting at 2:30 PM.  We still need help finishing repairs from the water damage and final preparations for opening day.  Please join Mr. Gitchell and crew if you have the time and inclination.

Thank you.

Summer Expenses

We are extremely grateful for everyone who helped in cleaning and repairing the recent water damage in the Academy building.  In addition to these expenses, the rent house A/C unit was just replaced at a cost of $439.  If you would like to help with these expenses, you may make donations online.

Thank you.

Evangelism Message in Tagalog Language

The Berean Church evangelism brochure has been converted to the Tagalog language and is now online to view! There is an opportunity to have brochures printed for special distribution at ports with a high percentage of Phillipino sailors. If you wish to contribute to this ministry, online donations will be greatly appreciated.  Please pass the link to the online brochure along to any Philippine friends or colleagues.  The brochure may be freely printed and redistributed.

Thank you.

Baptismal Service

Pastor Adkins will conduct a Baptismal Service this Sunday (8/14) at 2 p.m.  The Pastor and congregation of Memorial Baptist Church have graciously offered us the use of their baptismal facilities. 
        Memorial Baptist Church
        614 S. MacArthur Blvd.
        Irving, TX  75060
For more information, please contact the church office.


UPDATE:  It is necessary to postpone this service; a new time will be announced as soon as it is available.  Please contact the church office for more information or to be directed to Pastor Adkins for inclusion in this service.

A Free Novel on the Subject of Inner Happiness

One of our members has written a novel on the subject of inner happiness, inspired by an actual Dr. Danish sermon – “The Facet of Inner Happiness: Mastery of the Details of Life.”  The novel is made available free of charge.  You may view a brief summary and follow-on link to read the novel at this link.

The novel is made available by the author and is not an official publication of or endorsed by Berean Memorial Church.

Work Day Sat. Aug. 6

Howard Gitchel has scheduled a work day for this Sat. morning at 8 a.m.  The goal is to accomplish as much as possible towards making repairs to the water damaged parts of the BCA building.  There are several projects to be done, if you can be of some assistance, please come to the Academy bldg. on Sat. at 8 a.m.

Water Damage

A pipe rupture caused significant damage in the Academy Building, although no classrooms were affected. A great deal of labor is required to cleanup the damage, so please contact the office if you are available to help.

Repairs are likely to be expensive, so donations during this time of need are greatly appreciated.  You may send checks directly to the church or make donations online at this link – .