Hold The Meat

If you plan on bringing a dish to tonight’s potluck dinner, we have an overabundance of meat dishes, so please consider another option.  Thanks for your consideration on this Rally Day.

This may also be a good time to consider listening to Dr. Danish’s classic series, Rallying to the Berean Ministries (available for free from our online MP3 CD order page for those wanting a good introduction to the ministries of Berean Memorial Church).

Rally Day

This Sunday, September 25th, is Rally Day.  We are looking forward to a wonderful day of enjoying fellowship with one another and celbrating our Berean heritage. Below is our schedule of events for the day.

10:45 a.m. – Regular Morning Service

4:00 p.m. – Songs & Testimonials of Praise and Thanksgiving

5:00 p.m. – Agape Feast – Bring a dish and/or come and enjoy

6:00 p.m.  – Movie celebrating the 400th Anniversay of the King James Bible

Dasharound Sponsorship

It’s getting to be that time of the year! Berean Academy holds its annual Dasharound event in the latter part of October. Expect several updates and reminders over the coming weeks. We have several people across the US that regularly sponsor students, so we are pleased to announce that the sponsor form is now online.

Please download the form, fill out the sponsor information, and fax it to the Academy office at 972-554-6807.  If you wish to donate a single amount for the Academy, please use our online donation page.  You may contact the church online or call at 972-438-1440 to designate your donation for the dasharound in general or ask us to assign the sponsorship to a student of our choosing (we make such assignments on the basis of students needing sponsors).

Thank you for your support.

Olga Flores Citizenship

Mrs. Olga Flores teaches Spanish at Berean Academy, manages the before- and after-school care program, serves as a teacher’s aid to the 2nd-6th grade staff and even helps in some janitorial duties at the Academy.  She will be sworn in as a naturalized US Citizen at a ceremony on Wed. Sept 21 at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services office, 6500 Campus Circle Dr. East, Irving TX, 75063.  We plan to take the Academy students to this ceremony and you are invited to join us.

Update on Weekly Sermon Recordings

The Recorded Media ministry is no longer recoring weekly cassettes. The duplication equipment is in need of replacement and we have been unable to find equipment at an affordable price. We are now phasing out sermons on cassettes. You may still request tapes, but only for a limited time until our stock is depleted.

In June we purchased a new recorder that records directly to CD. This format was available in the past but was cumbersome because we recorded one 45-60 minute track. The new recorder inserts breaks every 5 minutes. This allows someone to find their place or reference a particular point in a sermon more easily. By going to an all CD format we will also save money; less postage, and CD’s are cheaper than cassettes. We hope you take advantage of this exciting change.

Upcoming Church Events

Please mark your calendars for the two annual events that mark the ending of one season of ministry and the transition into another.  Rally Day is Sept 25. and the church business meeting is on Oct. 2.  More information will be posted as these days near.  Thank you.

DYNO-ROCK – Berean Youth Clubs

Saturday, Sept. 17th, BYC will sponsor our 11th annual indoor rock climbing in Arlington, TX at DYNO-ROCK.  The cost is $20/climber; includes transportation equipment, safety instruction and lunch.  The bus will depart from the Berean gym at 8:15 a.m.  Climbing will be from 9 – 11:30 a.m.  We will arrive back at the gym for lunch and a brief Bible study, over by 1 p.m.

A parent or legal guardian must sign a release form.  The form must be notarized OR be accompanied by a photo copy of parent’s valied TX drivers’ license.  No child will be allowed to climb without a signed permission form.  No fees charged for spectators so bring you cameras and enjoy the fun! 

Call the Berean office at 972-438-1440 if you have further questions.

Grandparent’s Day

In order to encourage within our students an attitude of love, respect and appreciation for their elders, we are celebrating Grandparents’ Day on Friday, September 16.  Grandparents are invited to a reception in the Academy Library from10:15 a.m.to11:30 a.m.  There will be refreshments and each class will come and spend a few minutes with the grandparents.

Mobile Bible Reading Site

Berean Church distributes several printed Bible reading plans, most of which are oriented around reading the entire Bible over the course of a calendar year.  Smart phone and tablet users need not feel left out, especially those subject to chaotic schedules.  If you can’t regularly keep a Bible and reading plan handy, there are several that you can bookmark on your phone.

The Mobile Bible Gateway is one such site.  Try reading a verse in context or just one chapter a day.  It could change your life.