Peddling For Proclaimers

via Mission Network News,

“USA (FCBH/MNN) ― Eight years ago, Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) developed the Proclaimer, a solar-powered digital playback device.

The project came about because of the high illiteracy rates around the world that prevented the poor from having access to God’s Word in their own heart language.

Enter: Troy Love, a police officer from Columbus, Indiana, and a former Marine. He first heard of the Proclaimer during a presentation at his church in 2010 and decided to raise funds and awareness for FCBH listening groups by riding his bike across the country.

In September 2010, he completed a six-week journey that took him from San Francisco, California to Yorktown, Virginia. That ride generated over $67,000.

Now he’s back: this time pedaling from Key West, Florida to Bar Harbor, Maine, with a goal of $90,000.  Together, these events will bring awareness of the needs as he speaks in churches and makes more appearances. The end goal between the two rides: $157,000, which would cover the cost to establish 1,000 Faith Comes By Hearing listening groups.”

Read the complete story here.  This is a great segue into a reminder of our own Jim Duncan, who is once again riding in the Bike For Bibles event this August.  Please visit Jim’s sponsor page and make a donation or leave a message.  Thank you.