Independence Day Service

Independence Day falls on Wednesday this year; therefore, instead of our regular Wednesday night prayer meeting, we are planning a special service on Sunday which will include a time of prayer.  We will begin the 10:45 am meeting with the regular singing of hymns and reading of a Psalm, followed by a special service of thanksgiving to God for the liberties and blessings of His Providence which have been enjoyed by Americans.  The special service will be ended by prayers, for all our wants and needs, with a special focus on prayer for our nation.

Immediately after the service, we will have lunch together.  Lunch will be an Agape Feast; a wonderful time of fellowship and food.  Everyone is invited to bring something which we will put together into a common spread. Hot dogs, a traditional Fourth of July delicacy, will be provided.  After the lunch hour, we will assemble to view a special movie Proof Through the Night, the story of Francis Scott Key, lawyer, patriot and, above all, Christian.  The rest of the afternoon will be ours to enjoy playing table games and visiting with one another.  There will be no evening service.

We hope you will plan to be a part of this special time of fellowship, thanksgiving and reflection with us on this coming Lord’s Day, leaving Wednesday the Fourth, free for family celebrations.

Christians nervous under new president Morsi

via Mission News Network,

“Egypt (MNN) — While the world congratulates Egypt’s new president Mohamed Morsi, Christians remain skeptical. Morsi is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Given the history of their persecution of Christians in Egypt, Todd Nettleton with Voice of the Martyrs says believers are concerned. ‘They’re nervous about what this means for their future as far as religious freedom, and as far as their ability not only to worship, but also to witness and serve Christ in Egypt.’ Although Morsi did nod toward Christians in his victory speech, ‘What they’re looking for is: how are his actions going to reflect that? Are they going to reflect respect for the Christian community and respect for religious freedom? Or are they going to be hardline, Islamic, Muslim Brotherhood actions which would limit religious freedom and move Egypt more and more toward a Sharia state?’ The Gospel will move forward no matter what. Pray that Morsi will put Christians in some powerful positions.”

Read the full story here.

Fellowship Fund Goes Weekly

In the past, fellowship fund offerings were taken once a month, after the Communion service.  Because of the economy and the number of church members with frequent needs, the fund may now be contributed to every Sunday.  Use the silver plate next to the offering box nearest the main entrance to the gym.

Update From Russ Clowdus

Here is a recent update from Berean-supported missionary Russ Clowdus.

“Here is how God has been answering prayer:



LEADERSHIP ACADEMY (youth leaders training and support ministry)

There is still motivation in the leadership team to realize our new approach to set in place youth leader mentoring Groups to the North, South, East, and West of the City. This new concept of ours is being tested. Praying for persistence for all involved to complete the tasks and steps of faith they have committed to.



Praying for our Nehemiah, Timothy and “how to” Discipleship class: for the growth of the young believers and progress of the older believers. Also dealing with a complicated discipline problem right now.

Mobilizing refugee and immigrant children and teenagers for summer camp. May God show us the right children and teenagers to support for the camps this summer.”

Covert Persecution On The Rise

via Mission News Network,

“Indonesia (MNN) — 22 churches have been padlocked shut in Indonesia already this year. This just adds to the evidence from Compass Direct that persecution in Indonesia looks like it’s going up nearly 50%. Discrimination against Indonesian Christians doesn’t get much attention since it’s not always direct attacks. But Greg Musselman with Voice of the Martyrs, Canada says persecution in Indonesia needs to be taken seriously. ‘It’s an ongoing situation there. Christians are marginalized, and with the rise of more of a militant Islam, there’s concern that it’s going to become even worse in Indonesia.’ Some point out that Islamic groups there have disbanded in the past, so persecution can’t be that bad. But Muslim influence hasn’t gone away. ‘The way things are going with the rise up of some of these militant Islamic groups, they disappear, then they come back as a new name.’ The Indonesian church needs our prayers. ‘We need to pray that there would be that wisdom for the leaders, that they would be courageous, and that they would also use wisdom in how they go forward in spreading the Gospel in that nation.'”

Read the full story here.

Interview With Ali Golchin (part 1)

via Voice of the Martyrs Canada,

Ali Golchin is an Iranian Christian convert who was charged with evangelism and action against national security. He was arrested and jailed by the Islamic regime’s security authorities on April 29, 2010. In prison he faced long hours of interrogation by security officers and solitary confinement.

After his release in July 2010, security continued to watch him continuously, threatening and pressuring him. Like many other Iranian Christians, Ali decided to leave Iran. Mohabat News recently interviewed Ali and asked him about his time in prison as well as his current situation.”

Read the entire article here.