Bike For Bibles Photos and Video

Jim Duncan completed yet another year of the BC Bike For Bibles ride.  Here is a photo collection from this year’s ride, compiled by the Canadian Bible Society.

Ruth Stewart, the Ministry Development Coordinator in Central Ontario shared: “While the 1st day of the ride was wet, cold and windy, the riders persevered. Day 2 and 3 were  wonderfully sunny days and the riders basked in the sun as they rode and stopped along the way for refueling their tired bodies.  My partner was a retired Toronto Policewoman who lead the riders through road crossings and we did so in style on her Honda Gold Wing Trike!  We want to thank all 14 of the riders along with over a dozen roadies. A special thank you to the various churches who prepared and hosted meals for the hungry teams.”

Watch a video of the ride here.

Iranian Persecution: More Christians Imprisoned for Their Faith

via ACLJ (retweets of prior reports on Twitter),

“Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, who has spent 1022 days in prison for his faith under the threat of execution, is only one of many Christians persecuted in Iran for their faith. Recently, the ACLJ learned that Iranian Christian Pastor Farshid Fathi, who was arrested on December 26, 2010, lost his appeal and is now serving six years for his faith in the notorious Evin prison.

In an attempt to avoid international scrutiny, the Iranian authorities have cast his Christian activity as ‘political offenses.‘ But do not be swayed by these tactics. Like Pastor Youcef, Pastor Fathi was arrested solely for his Christian faith. The regime argued that his Christian activities were equivalent to ‘actions against national security.’ He was also charged with possessing religious propaganda—at trial, the regime offered as evidence that Pastor Fathi had Bibles printed in Farsi, had unlawfully distributed Bibles, and possessed Christian literature.

This blatant violation of Pastor Fathi’s religious freedom has separated him from his wife Leila and two daughters, Rosana and Bardia. Pastor Fathi’s family has asked for prayers ‘that they would find great comfort in the Lord and in His Church at this time.'”

Read the complete story here.

Bike For Bibles Update

Jim Duncan recently received this letter from the Bike For Bibles team (edited for length only).  Please continue in prayer for the event.

“Dear Jimmie,

Good news! Good news!We are now at 56% of our overall Bike for Bibles 2012 goal! Don’t stop now, we are past the half-way point!  (That’s what I tell myself when I am biking).

May you be encouraged that every single rider’s goal represents people who are waiting to have an encounter with God’s Word in their language.  If you want to see how important and well received God’s Word is once it’s translated in the heart language of a group of people, check out this video from the launch of the Inuktitut Bible in Iqaluit, Nunavut –

We have three remaining rides left! How quickly time flies! Please pray for our riders – for their safety and strength to complete their ride, and for good weather.God bless you!

Bike for Bibles Team
‘Through our spokes, God speaks!’ ”