Reformation Day

While the rest of the world turns its attention to the celebration of Halloween, Berean Academy students always celebrate reformation day.  The parade and celebration is an annual classic at the Academy and your attendance this Wednesday will be appreciated by both students and teachers.  Thanks for your support of Berean Christian Academy.

Behind Enemy Lines

From Mission News Network,

“North Korea (MNN) ― When you hear the words, concentration camp, what comes to mind? Walking skeletons? Piles of dead bodies? You might think these camps ended with World War II, but they’re all over North Korea.

‘On the one hand, it is amazing that the international community continues to turn a blind eye to this reality,’ said Eric Foley with Seoul USA. ‘On the other hand, it is equally amazing that the North Korean underground church considers this their mission field.’

Would you be able to see conditions like torture and starvation as a testing ground for your faith? North Korean Christians do. They don’t beg believers on the outside for freedom or for action against their Communist government.

‘What the North Korean Church says is, ”Pray that we will be found faithful in every circumstance in which the Lord places us,” ‘ said Foley.”

Read the entire story here.

Dasharound 2012

We want to thank everyone who volunteered for and participated in the Berean Academy Dasharound event for 2012.  This year marked the debut of the Amazing Russell as a sponsored dasher.  He was quite popular 🙂

Russell’s training regimen consisted of long naps on the couch, however, he completed his goal of 20 laps.  Well, he did require a bit of help.

Where would Berean be without Mr. and Mrs. Gitchell?  You can view a small collection of photos from this year’s event at the church Flickr site.

Christian Pastor and Daughter Beat and Forced to Worship Hindu gods in India


10/10/2012 India (ChristianPost) – There are disturbing reports coming from the northern India which detail the premeditated attack and assault of a Christian preacher and his daughter.

The pastor, referred to as Raju, was trained by Michigan-based Mission India and was in his home with other worshipers when the attack allegedly took place. Reports indicated that they were confronted by a mob of around 20 Hindu radicals.

Dave Stravers of Mission India, explained that he received word that the attackers broke into Raju’s home. The mob then began to ransack his home with clubs and other weapons. After destroying his possessions the attackers then focused their brutality on Raju, and then his daughter after she questioned her attacker’s motives.

After the attack, the Hindu radicals took Raju and wife to a nearby Hindu temple and forced then to worship the idols of the temple.

‘Persecution is a growing reality in India … They smeared vermillion- which is like a finger-paint- on their foreheads and pushed their heads down … and forced them to worship the idols in the temple,’ Stravers told Mission News Network. He added that the persecution ‘is a pretty typical thing; it happens quite often in India.’

Stravers revealed that a partner with Mission India stated that the mob could have been tipped off by one of Raju’s non-Christian relatives.”

Read the entire article here.


Yes, it’s that time of the year!  The Berean Academy dasharound event is almost upon us.  This is a great opportunity for you to support the Academy and the physical fitness of the students.  And, we have a big surprise this year.

By popular request, Russell the wonderdog is making his formal dasharound debut!  Here is a photo of Russell warming up and getting used to the field at last year’s event.

Russell’s goal this year is 20 laps, however, due to his current training regimen of sleeping on the couch all day, this is going to be a challenge 🙂 You may sponsor Russell on a per-lap basis or a fixed donation by filling out the sponsor form here. Just send it to the church office and you too can be a Russell fan.

Of course, if you would rather sponsor one of the students, that’s fine, but Russell will be sad 🙂  Thanks for your support of Berean Christian Academy!

Work Day October 6

Berean Christian Academy, Berean Church, and Berean Youth Clubs are engaging in a combined work day Saturday, October 6 from 8AM to noon.  Several easy projects have been selected for this event, including a number of indoor projects in the event of rain.  Helping hands are needed, but muscles are not required 🙂

Students are encouraged to attend.  Stockade boys and Pilgrim girls will earn extra points and pass at least one achievement for attendance.  This is a great opportunity for Christian Service.

Please contact the church office if you are able to attend so that Mr. Gitchell may plan accordingly.  Thank you.