Rallying to the Berean Ministries

The Berean church fiscal year begins Oct. 1.  Traditionally, the last weekend in Sept. has been used as an opportunity to rally to the Berean ministries in preparation for a new year.  One of the last series of semons taught by Dr. John Danish was ‘Rallying to the Berean Ministries’.

As we move into Oct. 1 this week, perhaps you might take some time to listen to these sermons online.  You may view the specific page for this series from this link (the page will open in a new window).  Each sermon may be listened to online and downloaded.  We always encourage you to copy and redistribute our sermon MP3’s to others interested in Bible doctrine.

A Big Weekend for Berean Church

There are two big events this weekend.  As a second reminder, Berean Church will have a booth at the Irving Main Street event on Sat., Sept. 26.  We will need volunteers to help setup and break down the booth as well as man the booth during the day.  Even an hour or two is enough if you have the time.

Rally Day is on Sept. 27.  Rally Day activities begin at 4PM.  More information on both these events may be obtained by contacting the church office at 972.438.1440.

New Columns

The four columns at the entrance to the Berean gym have been replaced.  They look absolutely fantastic!  We hope to have some pictures available in the future.

The original contractor backed out after a series of storms produced a backlog of more lucrative work.  We were eventually able to find someone else who agreed to the same price.  With the help of someone from Berean, the work was done at lower total cost, leaving funds available for other needed repairs.

A serious answer to prayer!